Green and Sustainability Policy


At Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa, we take our commitment to the environment very seriously. We have therefore enrolled in the Green Meeting (Green Tourism) with a goal to achieve a Gold award, demonstrating steps we have taken to continually review our environmental impact and how we are committed to continually improve our environmental performance.

The General Manager, Leadership Team and Team Members at Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa understand the activities involved in running the Hotel and Spa can impact the environment, and accept we have the ability and responsibility to mitigate our impact, by implementing and maintaining a policy of viable and responsible environmental management within the business, via a sustainable use of resources available to us and proactive management and minimisation of waste.

Scope of Policy

Our Environmental & Sustainability Policy applies to all operations across Hotel & Spa.

Policy Details

The following actions have been taken within the business to reduce our impact on the environment.

“We understand our roles as ambassadors for positive action within the hospitality sector, and we work tirelessly to mitigate our overall environmental impact on our region. We promote biodiversity across our business and work closely with our local community to preserve our local natural environment for years to come”
Matt Loughrey, General Manager, Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa

Our Policy
• To minimise our carbon footprint.
• To proactively manage and minimise food waste.
• To extend our sustainable sourcing of consumables.
• To help improve local businesses and our local community within our supply chain.
• To encourage both our guests and team to live a healthy lifestyle.
• To educate our guests on car-free transport to/from the hotel, via train and/or foot.

Our Hotel
• We record energy usage allowing the ability to efficiently manage our energy consumption.
• We use LED lightbulbs across the Hotel.
• We have committed to glass-only bottles for water provision in our 9 meeting rooms.
• We recycle all waste glass, plastics and cardboard.
• We encourage groups to travel by public transport or one form of transport to reduce carbon emissions.
• We perform a minimum of 4 hotel-wide walks in each 24-hour period, monitoring energy use in our public areas and meeting rooms.

Our Bedrooms
• We use LED lightbulbs in our bedrooms
• We change bed linen only after the second night, unless requested.
• We use kettles with a one-litre capacity or less to save energy boiling water that is not required.
• We provide separate bins for general waste and recyclable materials.

Our Bathrooms
• We use in-room toiletries that are all environmentally friendly.
• We have reduced detergent and water usage, by only changing towels on request.
• We only use toilet rolls that are certified 100% British recycled.
• We provide large eco-pump bottles of bathroom toiletries to minimise wastage.
• We fitted all taps with aerators, minimising water waste.

• We have both online and telephone booking system enabling us to send all correspondence via email, reducing paper usage and postage.
• We share details of our bedrooms, sample restaurant menus, Romans Health Club, other facilities and full live bedroom availability for up to 12 months ahead via our website, reducing printed materials.
• We recycle all used paper.
• We have walking and running guides for hotel guests.
• We have a number of electric car charging points installed for guests.

Food & Beverage
• We use only British meats.
• We ensure all our cheeses come from local dairies.
• We ensure our fresh fish products are from sustainable sources.
• We use locally sourced products wherever possible.
• We collaborate with local suppliers for our menu items.
• We use a local brewery to offer a selection of real ales and ciders.
• We ensure all our wines and spirits are sourced locally.
• We ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that all of our products are GM-free products.
• We ensure, to the best of our knowledge, that all of our products conform with fair trade initiatives.

Our Team
• We offer free use of our electronic parking spaces for staff.
• We provide training for our team on our approach to sustainability via our day-one induction and ongoing training.
• We provide mugs, cups, cutlery and dishes, to mitigate the use of single-usage disposable items.
• We provide recycling facilities.
• We provide staff food which complies with all of our Food & Beverage commitments highlighted herein.
• We encourage staff to minimise the printing of documents, unless absolutely necessary.
• We encourage our team to use public transport when travelling on business.
• We encourage our team to volunteer, supporting the local community or charities.

Charity of the Year
Sketchley Grange Hotel & Spa’s have a nominated charity of the year, each year, which we will support with fundraising activities with both our team and our guests.

Green Committee
The Hotel has a monthly Staff Committee meeting, representing every department, with sustainability as a set agenda item for discussion and improvement.

Staff Responsibilities
All staff have a role to play in improving the Hotel’s environmental and sustainability practices. Every effort should be made by all our team to act in an environmentally responsible manner while at work, whether working on or off site.

This policy statement will be reviewed periodically to ensure that it remains applicable to the activities of the Hotel and any agreements made between the Hotel and its stakeholders.

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