Bradgate Park

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Nature lovers will revel in the beautiful landscapes and woodland scenery at Bradgate Park; one of Leicestershire’s most picturesque spots. The Park is a medieval deer park, once popular as a hunting ground; and the red and fallow deer still reside here, mostly concealed within the thick bracken, though if you’re lucky, you might just spot one or two!

The park is steeped in history, and one of the most fascinating sights are the ruins of the old Bradgate House, once home to Lady Jane Grey, who famously ruled the country for nine days, before her execution in 1554. Bradgate Park also has an attractive folly, built on a hilltop, called Old John Tower.

There are a variety of woodland walks within the park, with plenty of impressive views to enjoy; both of Cropston Reservoir and of Leicester itself. For a small charge, you can enter the Visitor Centre, which has a variety of interesting information about the local history, and the wildlife within the park.